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Steel Business


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60 years passion of KISCO

KISCO has been very enthusiastic about strengthening the basic of key industries as a nation’s basic industry as adapting to the rapidly changing global business environment for over nearly six decades.

60 Years of

We all executives and staff members have worked together as one to overcome the economic recession under the severe business circumstances such as poor demand for construction-related items and the oversupply resulting from a sustained economic depression in construction business.

In particular, we have established the ground to grow into the world's leading steel maker through downsizing via business restructuring, reinforcement of premium steel lines and adoption of BPR and new computer system for innovating an enterprise management system (EMS).

After disaffiliating from Dongkuk Steel Group in 2001, we relocated out headquarters from Masan-si to Sinchong-doong, Changwon-si in April 2004 in order to reestablish the company’s status not like what it used to be.
Since then, we have been exerting our utmost efforts to develop mew technologies and bring about management innovation as well as produce high-quality goods, so we are now successfully manufacturing reinforcing bar, gas and billet.

Having followed the road not taken, which is rough but right and honest, we have made our best endeavors for a long journey for over nearly the past six decades.

Customers have always been on the road with us. We do sincerely appreciate the customers’ supporting us at all times. We are willing to make ceaseless efforts to repaying the customers for putting their trust and faith in us. We will continue to grow into a much sounder and more reliable company.

Thank you.

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