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Environmental Management

Environmental Management


SustainabilityEnvironmental Management

Under the Company’s core values ‘solid management, technology development, new growth’, we fulfill continued environmental management.

KISCO has focused on steel business for a half century. We are also going to take the initiative in environment and keep making our best efforts for environmental conservation through continued implementation and improvement.

  • Improvement of Manufacturing Processes
  • Routinization of Green Management
  • System Development

Environment Policy

  • 1

    We take ‘Green Management’ as our top priority in all business processes.

  • 2

    We observe all related environmental laws and regulations and engage in environmental improvement activities.

  • 3

    We take the lead on ‘green growth’ by adopting clean manufacturing processes and applying optimum anti-pollution technologies.

  • 4

    We recycle byproducts efficiently and establish a resource-circulating system.

  • 5

    We actively take part in local environmental conservation activities together with concerned parties.