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Ethical Management

Ethical Management


SustainabilityEthical Management

We estimate the goods and service needed for a better human life and make a contribution to cultural growth and prosperity.

The Code of Ethics is the value and code of conduct that KISCOians should observe to develop KISCO into the clients’ most preferred and respected enterprise based on the Company’s management philosophy.

We respect the order of free and fair competition-oriented liberal market economy and pursue common interests with all our concerned parties based on mutual trust and cooperation. We take the initiative to grow into the world’s leading enterprise.

All KISCOians who represent KISCO take ethical corporate culture as the highest value and aware that they are obligated to deal with all interested parties in an ethical and honest manner. They must observe this code of conduct, which is enacted as a norm to judge correct behavior and values

  • 1

    We make our best efforts to maximize the value of our shareholders and investors.

  • 2

    We provide values to our clients and fulfill our duties to protect their interests.

  • 3

    We observe related laws and regulations and make profits through fair competition.

  • 4

    We engage in business management for win-win growth with our business partners.

  • 5

    We treat other workers fairly and make efforts to build pleasant work environments.

  • 6

    As a part of the community and country, we make a contribution to social development and engage in ‘safety and environment first’-oriented business management.

You are free to inform any unfair work practices, unreasonable demand or corruption.

However, ungrounded slander and private matters will not be dealt with.