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CEO Message

CEO Message


Thank you for your ceaseless encouragement and
attention to KISCO

We have been doing our best to develop and produce steel products constantly
for a half century for progress of steel culture and affluent human life.

Now, demand for more precise, lightened and hardened steel is increased and further, demand for steel for general use is rapidly increased.
In order to meet such rapidly increasing demands, we, KISCO invest in development of new technology and introduction of new equipment.
As the most advanced equipment, DC electric furnace with 120 tons and L/F were completed,
and production of new and high quality goods can be made to 3 million tons yearly.

Besides, we actualize Customer Orientation through quality insurance system and rapid and correct delivery fulfillment and we are leading in creating an affluent human culture through harmonization with steel, human, company and society
and preservation of more dear, clean and green nature

We really want to be remembered as a company thinking customers and contributing in human culture.
Thank you.

KISCO CEO Moon Jong In, Lee Soo Ha