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Quality Management

Quality Management


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We will reward our customers for their love with best quality.

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    We will accord with customer requirements with the best quality Products though a customer-centered quality management system.

    The objective of KISCO quality management system is to meet customer requirements through ceaseless quality improvement efforts and quality assurance activities in respect of the quality of our products. We are performing the following activities in order to achieve this goal.

    • Customer value creation through product development and improvement activities one step ahead of customer requirements
    • Building a rapid problem-solving system for 0% of customer complaints
    • We are maintaining the best quality in that we train all employees to be fully aware of a quality manual, and have a reasonable quality management system.
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    We maintain the highest quality through a rational quality management system.

    KISCO has strived to maintain a reliable quality assurance system throughout the whole process from storing materials to shipping products to improve the quality of products including reinforcing bar, forging, etc.

    We are certified for our product production capability by obtaining ISO9001, KEPIC-SN (reinforcing bar used in a nuclear power plant), and the certification from the world's leading classification authorities.

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    We promise the best products based on our long history that is glorious as the Korea's first electric furnace company, and our production know-how.

    All executives and staff members of KISCO promise customers reliable product quality. The best method of customer value creation that KISCO can offer is to provide the best products based on rigorous quality management. We are endeavoring to achieve constant product betterment and improvement in the customers' situation to produce dependable products.